About the Foundation

Today, Brandon’s memory, energy and love form the cornerstone of the Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation, which supports cancer research and provides academic scholarships to students pursing careers in medicine and architecture. Scholarship recipients attend a variety of quality universities, including Brown, North Carolina A&T, Temple, Penn State, North Carolina, Howard, and Maryland. The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to fund a two-million-dollar endowment to establish the Brandon Carrington Lee Pediatric Palliative Care Program in Washington, D.C. This specialized medical supervision will meet the psychological, social, and spiritual needs of children throughout treatment.

Executive Board

Jefferi K. Lee
Chief Executive Officer

Some people are blessed early in life to know who they want to be, and what they want to do. Brandon was one of those people. At an early age Brandon exhibited extreme confidence in himself and in everything he did. There was nothing that Brandon couldn’t do if he set his mind to it, and he would always look out for others. I remember he was resting one Saturday morning after a grueling round of chemo treatment. He was really in pain but his Rites of Passage group was holding a car wash at the church to raise money for the program and he wanted to be a part of it. I suggested he skip the event and rest but he insisted that he wanted to go help his friends. Brandon turned to me and said, “Dad, I’m not a member because of what I can get. I’m a member because of what I can give.” We thank all of you who support Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation. We know that your heart is in your gift, whether you are a long-time contributor or a first-time supporter. And we know you do it not for what you can get but for what you can give.

Tina Mance-Lee
Chief Operating Officer

A reciprocal bond is created when parents expose their children to the finer things in life. We are being taught as we are teaching. They often respond with curiosity, appreciation, and life lessons of their own. This is a great part of Brandon’s legacy—helping us view life from a different perspective.
Brandon’s humanity drove him to be about giving, not getting. He was all about paying it forward, understanding his blessings, and making sure he blessed others—with kind words, encouragement, his time, talent or object he deemed a treasure.
Giving is at the core of the Brandon Carrington Lee Foundation; it demonstrates in real terms the value and energy of an unselfish heart and a determined spirit to do good. Join us. Take this opportunity to give and spread the news that there is joy in giving, joy in helping, joy in believing.

If those virtues are a part of your life, help us preserve Brandon’s memory and end childhood cancer with a constant vigilance
to help those in need. Your financial support is key but there are also these ways you can take action throughout the year that
will illustrate your commitment:

Jefferi II with wife Erin, executive assistant for the BCL Foundation, and their son, Jackson.

Jefferi K. Lee, II
Sometimes, when I think about my brother, there’s a giant smile on my face because Brandon’s presence is still here. I am constantly surrounded by memories of him. I see reminders of who he was and the things that brought him joy every time I visit home and spend time in his room. I also smile when I see the impact he’s left on those who knew him. His best friends have honored him by starting a basketball league in his honor—TheCarrington League—and it is great to see that he continues to inspire them to reach for their dreams. However, one of the biggest smiles came while I was reading to my son, Jackson Kai. As we turned the pages of the storybook there was a character who favored Brandon, and I realized it’s the small things that let me know he’s always checking in to
make sure we’re still smiling.